Fire Ice Just Add Water is a mermaid show posted on the channel , like many other shows, based on HO: Just Add Water. Five episodes own been positioned the theme song is “Animal” by Ke$a.


It all started with three special friends: Baily, Tetra, and Nikki. On a hike that was hypothetical to exist fun, the girls became lost and discovered something that would change their lives forever. They found a tunnel and wandered through it to a pool with a waterfall, which all three entered after some minor panicking. After witnessing a bizarre display of lights in an adjoining pool, the trio woke up in their home, and assumed it had all been a dream.

Baily convinced the other two to go with her to find the pool, but before they went Tetra washed her hands, transforming into a mermaid. Nikki transformed all three of them to prove to Tetra that the “dream” had been real. Later, while making dinner, Baily discovered her mermaid power, and soon the trio had all found their own.

While sitting on a fountain, Baily and Nikki’s black tails transformed into blue and purple ones, respectively. Tetra was upset, but got over it after they explained that they’d only just found out.

All three were moon struck on the first full moon after their transformation, and Tetra teleported them back to Baily's garage, leading Baily and Nikki to start theorizing, and eventually realize that they could gain new, temporary powers during full moons.

Major CharactersEdit

Nikki Leawood

Even when moon struck, Nikki is the most genre-savvy about their powers and abilities, deducing what's happened to them and theorizing about their abilities. She originally had a black tail and visibly separate mono fin, but it changed into a purple tail in Episode 4. Her power is .

Baily Boudy

Baily is the most mischievous of the group, then in addition the first to believe their powers were real. She has a younger sister named Sam whom she considers a brat. She was the first to discover her mermaid power, . Originally she had a plain black tail but it changed into a Blue tail in Episode 4.

Tetra Chadwick

Tetra is loud, sarcastic, and the most skeptical of the mermaid situation, despite being the first to discover her tail. She is an only child. She has the power of , and her tail is yellow. When she was moon struck, she gained the temporary power of teleportation.

Minor CharactersEdit

Sam Boudy

Baily’s seven-year-old sister, and so far the only member of any mermaid's family to appear onscreen (Nikki has a younger brother, and Tetra is an only child). She is temperamental and bossy, considered a brat by Baily and her friends.

Episode ListEdit

1. A Strange Night

2. A Special Secret

3. Power Hour

4. A Change in the Tail

5. Moonlight Maddness