Arkham Origins is a youtube original show based the life of Jim or James Gordon. The show takes place in NC of North Carolina. These characters are based upon the DC Comics that were published.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 20 TBA TBA

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (2016-17) Edit



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.


1 1 "Pilot" Xavier Santiago Xavier Santiago TBA ARKO1
2 2 "Mad City" TBA TBA TBA ARKO2
3 3 "Dying to Laugh" TBA TBA TBA ARKO3
4 4 "A New Day, A New Dawn" TBA TBA TBA ARKO4
5 5 "Starting a Crime" TBA TBA TBA ARKO5
6 6 "Victor Fries" TBA TBA TBA ARKO6
7 7 "A Man with A Cold Heart" TBA TBA TBA ARKO7
8 8 "Freezing My Wife" TBA TBA TBA ARKO8
9 9 "Cold Death Dawn" TBA TBA TBA ARKO9
10 10 "The New Dawn" TBA TBA TBA ARKO10