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A mermaid show on YouTube, posted on the account [http:// Themagicshell3 themagicshell3]. It has over 3,000 subscribers and is on current partway through its fourth season.

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Plot Edit

Lexi is sadden by Sofia's one week departure to go to her lake house for vacation. A couple of days before she leaves, Lexi suggested that she and Sofia go to the beach and pick out shells. When coming back from the beach and going through the shells, they find a rare-looking shell. Curious about it, Sofia listens to the shell and suddenly faints. After putting Sofia down to rest, while cleaning Lexi becomes curious herself and listens to the shell. She suddenly faints too. Right after she faints, Sofia wakes and then wakes up Lexi. Sofia tells Lexi she is weary and wants to go home to rest. The next day (in episode two) Sofia tells Lexi that she is a mermaid. Surprised, Lexi gets water and spills it on Sofia legs. Ten seconds later, Sofia has popped a silver tail (which becomes blue in season two). Sofia asks for a glass of water and spills it on Lexi, who pops a red tail.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Bella as Alexis "Lexi"- She is known to exist optimistic, loyal, and outgoing, and loves pickles. In episode two of season one, Sofia spilled water on Lexi's legs to find out if she was a mermaid or not. Her tail is the color red and her powers are , , and electro kinetics.
  • Taylor as Sofia "Sofia"-Sofia has been best friends with Lexi for a long while. She too loves pickles, and is personable, funny and outgoing. She was the first to find out that she was a mermaid. Her tail was silver but became blue in season two. Her powers are and .

Minor CharactersEdit

The Siren

An evil mermaid who tries many times to destroy Sofia and Lexi. She has a total of three forms. She Kerry can exist a large bird with pink-red feathers that always fall off, a burglar, and of course a black-tailed mermaid. In a recent episode, the siren tries to trick Lexi by transforming into Sofia so she can capture her.


The siren's dangerous, tricky, devious, and mischievous daughter. In the season two finale River and her mother tie up Sofia in a tall tower so she cannot save Lexi from River's plan to capture her. River pretends to exist Lexi's friend so she can capture her later that same day.